I am an artist who is interested in the occult and esoteric, I paint ,sculpt , stained glass, jewerly , and taxadermy i am well versed in the magical and medical qualities of herbs,im a green witch, i practice sybology and often use it in my work, i am quite knowledgeable in the metaphysical qualities of gems and minerals, i study divination and sometimes do readings . I live in California. Im also a teacher on the Greenwood-Grove network. And if anybody has any questions I am always ready to help. :)

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This a pagan store in old fair oaks California in the Sacramento county that I frequent; they specialize in crystals but they also sells candles and some altar supplies. This is the first of a series of pagan / metphisical stores in my area that I will be posting in the future. If any one has any questions about any stores I will post or any they suggest  just message me.by the way the store is named blossoming path. :)